Friday, 16 January 2015

Me In All My Humanness

Ok. so this is the part of my de-cluttering project where I reveal a sight that may or may not resonate with you. I'm kinda hoping it does to spare me the embarrassment of going this one alone.

The aim of this de-cluttering project, for me personally, is to free me on so many levels from the anxiety and angst that holding on to things that I no longer use, love or need causes me. Holding on to such things also means I waste so much time looking for things, cleaning around and under things and generally just feeling overwhelmed by the 'stuff' that is in my home that literally serves no purpose.
Cupboards are great. Cupboards can also be your worst enemy if, like me, you are time poor and need a place to put things. Moving things from one place to another does not constitute organising if the place you are putting the things into, isn't where they live. I'm not sure what you call that, but it will eventually come back to bite you.
I will consider myself 'bitten' as I have been using the 'office nook' in my kitchen for several months as a central holding space for a whole host of items that I didn't have time to place into their proper homes, and because there are doors on the aforementioned nook, it worked well.
Out of sight, out of mind.
In my defence, there were office type items in there too, but I do actually have a designated room which serves as my office, so in all honesty, that argument is weak to say the least.
The first picture will show you what happened over a period of time, perhaps 3 months, as I continued to put 'things' in there and close the door. (*note the bow in the top shelf!)
I'm not entirely comfortable sharing this picture and my only hope is that it may inspire someone to take that first step, one that I found so hard to take in the beginning, but one that I am so glad I took now as my home starts to feel like it's alive again.
I seriously didn't think it would be such a lengthy process, thinking I would just clear out a cupboard or two, but the feeling that comes from simply getting the unwanted items out of the house has taken me completely by surprise and I am finding that it just gets easier as I become addicted to the peace that accompanies it.
This cupboard took almost an entire day to sort out what with the filing of papers, the removal and disposal of all unwanted items, (of which there were many) the re-homing of things that didn't belong and the re-arranging of the few things that were then to make the cupboard their permanent home. I also spent more than two hours sorting out my taxation documents and worked at my computer on the data entry process ready for a visit to my trusty accountant.
All in all, it was a day well spent and I am extremely pleased with the end result.
And so, on to the next cupboard.

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