Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Lived-In Kitchen

I don't know....is it just me or do a love of cooking and an abundance of kitchen gadgets
just seem to go hand in hand.
I will let you in on a little secret. I have a fetish for single noodle bowls and coffee mugs. None of this buying them in sets of 6 business, I like just 1, so you can get a mental picture of what my cupboards contain. Lots of 1's. There's no colour theme either. I have no preference for one colour or pattern over another, preferring instead to mix rather than match.
Whilst on a little browse through our locally owned kitchenware store Live-In Kitchens last week, I'm afraid my eye was taken by a rather large and quirky chook mug. Yep, it's mine now.
I was actually in there on the lookout for the mini whisk I had mentioned in a previous post for the whisking of flax meal and water when making an egg replacer called a flax egg.
The proprietor and long time friend, Robyn, has almost every size of whisk imaginable from mini to jumbo and everything in between.
The store looked amazing and was full to the brim with everything you could ever possibly need for your kitchen and some.
For those of you who aren't in our local area, check out their website at www.liveinkitchens.com.au  and for those of you who are, pop on down to the store and see Robyn and the team for all your kitchen needs.

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